Hacken Open Air 2::23

22.08. bis 26.08.2023 in Gifhorn


In 2023 there will be again a Hacken Open Air. \o/

This year the HOA will take place from Tuesday to Saturday (22 - 26.08.2023). It is intended to take place again at the Welfenhof in Gifhorn, Germany.

For a successful HOA we need your support. Therefore we are looking for motivated helpers for the set-up and clean-up. Set-up helpers can join us from Sunday on. Dismantlers can stay on the spot until Sunday evening. If you want to help or have any questions, please contact us!

Ticket sales are expected to start in mid-February.

All further information will follow soon. Stay tuned!


Email: kontakt@hackenopenair.de
IRC: #hackenopenair @ irc.libera.chat (Webchat)
Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#hackenopenair:stratum0.org
Mastodon: chaos.social/@HackenOpenAir
Twitter: @HackenOpenAir
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